Thursday, February 01, 2007

India: Students getting ready to revolutionize the political system

Some of you must have heard about a new political party being floated in India, called "Bharat Punarnirman Dal." In this post I want to tell you about this new political party and why I am excited about its formation.

The view of the party is that the the root of the problems in the country is corrupt politics, which I believe as well. It is a common occurrence that a common man with visions for his country generally do not opt for politics. A common man generally doesn't see politics as an option for his career at all. Even if somebody is really interested in politics, he would not attempt to get into it due to dirty nexus with criminals.

The primary reason I am excited about its formation is that it has been formed by students, and students from reputed institutes of India. Students who are young, educated and with visions can do wonders for their country. As far as I see the party is not being covered in media very much, because it's new and the media might not find enough "masala" to talk to them, but I hope they get their due. It is important for us to encourage these students. Following are couple of links of their media coverage.
The Times of India

I am planning to invite them on my radio show so that I can introduce these students and new politicians to you as well. They also interact through several communities in Orkut, unofficially.

EDIT: I have invited Mr. Ajit Shukla, President of BPD on my radio show for Feb 17. The details will be updated in couple of days.

History proves that major revolutions and changes in the system always start from Students. Enjoy the clipping below which proves the point.