Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mumbai Deluge: Are we going to see more of that in future


Not probable, but a definite yes.

The current IPCC report mentions that due to rising sea levels drainage in Mumbai will become a big problem, which will result in more floodings with smaller storms. The groundwater is expected to become saline as well. The exceprt from a report in NDTV are below.

"It could be a city of catastrophe with 30 years from now the sea could begin its reclamation of Mumbai."Water in the city will become more saline, especially ground water. The drainage system will also bear the brunt. We have seen in the past during the Mumbai floods that the drains were completely clogged, because of which there was serious damage to life and property," said Dr R K Pachauri, Chairman, IPCC."

Link to the report

The effects of global warming are becoming more and more certain but we cannot do anything, because we "CANNOT" change our lifestyle. We don't have time to recycle, don't have patience to reuse the paper printed on one side, we do not have enough time to bike, or go by bus or walk, we cannot change our bulbs to CFLs, we cannot wash our clothes with warm water rather than hot water, we cannot put proper insulations in our house, we cannot switch off appliances when not needed, we cannot carry cloth bags to grocery store and there are so many things we cannot do.

Still, if you are one of few who would like to reduce your waste contribution to the environment, there are number of things you can do. Need ideas, visit, visit

Lets not be "So Much" responsible for screwing our only Mother Earth.