Wednesday, May 31, 2006

India- High on Senility

And now this moral policing. As if we do not have enough issues to worry about. UP Police who has always been infamous for corruption and its relations with criminals are going to bother teenagers to show some work, because they are incapable of doing something else.

We all saw the videos of Merrut Police misbehaving with young men and women few months back. Who is police or anybody else to tell people where to sit and how to sit, and how to behave? And these crazy Hindu sanskriti Morcha or whatever who are supposedly trying to avoid free meeting of men and women are doing irreversible damage to Indian Culture as well. These people have been tied with decade long thinking( I won't call century, because at times, Indian culture was more open than todays), are trying to tie everybody.

What culture was those Hindu organization people following by beating a single guy, stripping him in street and doing all the stupid things.

More we try to tie people in rules and regulations, more we put them at risk and harm Indian Culture. Kids are getting smarter faster than previous generation, teach them to be responsible, don't put them in shackles.

Other issue is insolent police. We all know how police behaves, and what kind of impression they are going to make on these teenagers. I have seen examples where police did behave in very very bad way to teenager, and the angry teenager tried to kill the policeman. As far as insolency is concerned, I will talk about that in more details in subsequent blogs. But please forget the moral policing, teach teenagers to be responsible. They are far more smart than you think.


Supreme Court's Order to be followed or not

It's a big predicament for the protesting students. As most of us know that Supreme Court has asked Medical Practitioners to call off their strike as the reservation matter is now under consideration by supreme court. Now the student community is confused. Supreme Court has also directed Government to take no action against protesting students and ordered no termination of striking Doctors.

The students do respect Supreme Court and would like to call off their strike, but they do not believe Government and its treacherous ways, by which it can make a law and reverse Supreme Court's decision (we have proofs in history). The movement has been growing too fast and if the movement is called off now, it would be difficult for the students to revive such a big movement again if Government does what is expected (reverse SC decision) at a later date.

Its a catch 22 situation for students, as if they do not call off strike it would be considered contempt of court, which is again a serious issue in itself. I feel that medical students and doctors should call off their strike for the time being, but keep the movement alive. They can keep the movement alive symbolically. They should keep the discussion open in media, they should wear black bands while at work or in college. They can make anti reservation stickers and put them in thier cars. There can certainly be other ways to keep the movement active symbolically.

They can also give a deadline to the Government on some issues and tell that the movement will return with greater vigor if those issues are not resolved by the specific deadline. I know Government is stubborn, but we cannot be stubborn like them, especially after Supreme Court's intervention.

I think medicos and students should call off their strikes after proper analysis and proper gameplan.

Kudos to all the people responsible for this movement. You have shown the world how you can pressurize even a strong Government like India's with legitimate demands. You have also shown the courage and sensibility of Indian Youth. Putting up a non violent protest in these modern times is commendable.


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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Now, this is an awesome video

A very nice Cricket Parody Video. Click here.


भारत में बढ़ता पागलपन

हर शाख़ पे उल्लु बैठा है, अंजा़में गुलिस्तां क्या होगा..

अगर हम भारत की वर्तमान स्थिति पर नज़र डालें तो बिलकुल यही महसूस होगा। दिल्ली में सामाजिक
समता के इतने बड़े भक्त बैठे हैं कि वो इसके लिए सारी समझदारी छोड़कर, लाल कपड़े के पीछे पड़े साँड
की तरह भाग रहें हैं। और इस भागमभाग में अपने साथ पूरे समाज को ध्वस्त करते चले जा रहें हैं। अर्जुन
सिंह अपनी बुद्धिमानी का परिचय दे ही चुके हैं, और साथ देने के लिए मीरा कुमारी भी चलीं आईं।
भाजपा ने तो खैर अपना ढीलमढाल रवैया जाहिर कर ही दिया।

गुजरात कुछ दिन से शांत था, तो समय बिताने के लिए लोग आमिर ख़ान के पीछे पड़ गये। अलीगढ़ में छो
टी सी जगह पर मंदिर/मस्जिद बनाने के लिए झगड़ा किया, 24 बेगुनाह मारे गए। मुज्जफ्फरनगर में
तथाकथित संस्कृति के रक्षकों ने कुछ किशोरों की पिटाई कर भारतीय संस्कृति को बहुत रौशन किया।

तमिलनाडू और आंध्र प्रदेश ने इसाईयों को लुभाने की कोशिश में दा विंची कोड पर रोक लगा दी। मुंबई
में सरकार साल भर चिल्लाती रही की इस साल उसने बाढ़ से बचने के भरपूर प्रबंध किये हैं। एक बारि
श में इज्ज़त धुल गयी।

मूर्खता और बेशर्मी का मानो साम्राज्य फैला हुआ हो। इसके बाद हम ये दावा करने से नहीं चूकते कि
कुछ सालों में हम सबसे बड़ी शक्ति बन जाएंगे, और बहुत अमीर देश बन जाएंगे। फटी धोती पर रेशमी
अचकन नहीं सुहाती। ये 8% प्रगति का मुलम्मा इतनी जल्दी उतरेगा की धोती भी नहीं बचेगी।

हमें अपनी सोच बड़ी करनी पड़गी, तभी आगे बढ़ पाएंगे। समाज में एक दूसरे की इज्ज़त करनी सीखनी
पड़गी, तब किसी बाहर वाले के सामने आंखें उठा सकेंगे।



Monday, May 29, 2006

Supreme Court questioned the government on reservation issue

It's a great relief to see Supreme Court of India questioning the government on the validity of the reservation policy, as students moved to supreme court on this issue earlier.

Still, I don't think its the time right for the Students to stop their protests, as this chance will not repeat in the history. Protesting students have convinced pretty much everybody on their stand, and they need to pass the biggest hurdle of stuboorn government and vote politics to actually resolve the issue. Sure, the supreme court's questioning will help, but we cannot rely on that only as we have seen Government passing new laws to curtail supreme courts power and verdict.

BJP is also changing its stance on reservation. Although, this is again a vote bank gimmick, it will definitely put a pressure on government. Lets hope sanity will prevail and Indians will see some justice soon.


Sunday, May 28, 2006

What's so wrong in what Aamir is saying??

BJP started protesting against Aamir, and created an issue in Gujarat. Please see the video and decide what wrong did he say?? Why doesn't Aamir have democratic rights? Please note the important point which Aamir conveys regarding the amount of insolency the protestors exhibited against Aamir. If you see the videos and pictures of protest against Aamir Khan and the way some leaders were speaking, you will realize, how intolerant and insolent "we" have become.

I support Aamir in his statement. Here is a link of another interview of Aamir on the same issue.

Its shameful that people including film industry in not coming in support of Aamir. Its a matter of democratic rights, and its imperative for right people to support him at this crucial time.


Friday, May 26, 2006

Students Against Reservation planning to move to Apex Court

I think its really a good move. Personally, I think its unethical, unmindful, unsocial, and illegal for a government to make a policy based on 80 year old census data. Furthermore, its again wrong for government to continue with a fifty year old policy without proper analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the reservation policy. It is again very wrong for a government to implement reservation based on caste when they don't even collect caste based census data, as it may create rift in Indian Society.

If caste based census data can be volatile, won't cast based reservation be? Isn't it illogical? By implementing reservation policy, government is trying to fulfill its responsibility of uplifting the poor, which actually it is not. I strongly support Indian Students and would suggest all of them to continue their protest. I think they have been doing most civilized protest in the histiry of mankind, and fighting for a very noble cause. Kudos to these young minds. I wish them all success.

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Lets celebrate mindlessness...

I strongly believe that's what is going through in India currently, whether you agree or not. Reservation is a big example for that. Now, a new controversy started with Aamir Khan, because he gave a statement in favor of displaced people regarding Narmada Dam. I don't care he gave wrong or right statement, all I care about is the way BJP registered its protest against Aamir. BJP started creating protest against him, burnt the posters of his latest movie. Is this a way to behave in a modern society?

BJP, which supposed to be a national party, and they protest in such a way. First of all its entirely foolish to protest against Aamir or his movie. Period. He is independent enough and living in a free country and can give statements wherever he want on whatever he wants. If you have to protest, look at the Doctors in Delhi, see how civilized people behave. This protesting by burning effigies, breaking government properties should be stopped and people doing that should be charged with criminal offense. We have seen Shiv Sena doing that lot of time in Mumbai, and if you see those videos in news channel, you will immediately realise that these parties are relying on ruffians.

I think, we in India immediately need some social sense classes and need to learn how to behave, and how to treat other people. I will talk more about that in next post.


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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

भस्मासुर बनते हम।

संदर्भ के लिए मैं सर्वप्रथम भस्मासुर की कहानी संक्षेप में बताता हूँ। भस्मासुर एक ऐसा राक्षस था जिसे वरदान था कि वो जिसके सिर पर हाथ रखेगा, वह भस्म हो जाएगा। भस्मासुर ने इस शक्ति का गलत प्रयोग शुरू किया और स्वयं शिव जी को भस्म करने चला। शिव जी ने विष्णु जी से सहायता माँगी। विष्णु जी ने एक सुन्दर स्त्री का रूप धारण किया, भस्मासुर को आकर्षित किया और नृत्य के लिए प्रेरित किया। नृत्य करते समय भस्मासुर विष्णु जी की ही तरह नृत्य करने लगा, और उचित मौका देखकर विष्णु जी ने अपने सिर पर हाथ रखा, जिसकी नकल शक्ति और काम के नशे में चूर भस्मासुर ने भी की। भस्मासुर अपने ही वरदान से भस्म हो गया।

यह कहानी यदि हम ध्यान दें तो वास्तव में हमारी अपनी ही है। बहुत सारे मुद्दे हैं जिन्हे हम घ्यान दें तो पाएंगे की हम धीरे-धीरे किन्तु बड़े निश्चय से मानव जाति के विनाश की ओर बढ़ रहे हैं। चाहे वह ग्लोबल वार्मिंग हो, पृथ्वी को हजारों बार नष्ट करने की ताकत वाले हथियार हों, बढ़ता अंतर्राष्ट्रीय तनाव हो, सामाजिक समस्याऐं हो, अथवा मानसिक असंतुष्टि हो। हम लोगों की तरफ से इन समस्याओं को बढ़ाने के प्रयास चालू हैं। इस चिट्ठे में फिलहाल मैं बी बी सी में छपी ग्लोबल वार्मिंग की खबर के बारे में बात करना चाहूँगा।

बी बी सी में छपी खबर के अनुसार अभी तक के ग्लोबल वार्मिंग के अनुमान लगभग 75% तक गलत हो सकते हैं। दूसरे शब्दों में कहें तो हम अपने विनाश की तरफ अपने अनुमानों से बहुत तेज़ आगे बढ़ रहें हैं। इतने सब पर भी हम सब भस्मासुर की तरह अपनी ताकत और शक्ति के नशे में चूर वस्तुस्थिति को स्वीकार करने के लिए नहीं तैयार हैं।

क्योटो संधि, जिसके अनुसार सभी राष्ट्रों को समयबद्ध तरीके से जहरीली गैसों का उत्सर्जन कम करना होगा, अभी तक लटकी पड़ी है। क्येंकि विश्व का सबसे शक्तिशाली राष्ट्र इस तथ्य को मानने को तैयार नहीं है। निजी तौर पर हम कुछ करना चाहते नहीं या जिम्मेदारी मानने से इनकार करते हैं। बिजली का ज़रूरत से ज्यादा प्रयोग, तेल का अनावश्यक जलाना, सभी संसाधनों की अनावश्यक बर्बादी हमारी आदत बन चुके हैं। समस्या ये है कि हमें पहले ही काफी देर हो चुकी है, और हम अभी तक जैसे किसी ईश्वरीय भविष्यवाणी का इंतज़ार कर रहें हैं।

हम लोंगों को कम से कम निजी तौर पर अपनी पृथ्वी को बचाने के िलए सतत् प्रयास करने चाहिए। और दूसरों को इस बारे में प्रेरित भी करना चाहिए। शुरूआत के लिए कम्प्यूटर टेबल से उठने से पहले कम से कम माॅनीटर बन्द कर दीजिएगा।


मेरा पुराना चिट्ठा ऊर्जा अपव्यय के संदर्भ में

And, its final - Indian Govt let us down again

Government has decided to go ahead with 27% quota for OBC. Congratulations to all of us and welcome to a new era of division based on caste, welcome to new inefficient India.

Irony is that the two top most positions in India are occupied by one of the most brilliant people.
God Bless India


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Monday, May 22, 2006

So, Decision on quota is final

A friend forwarded me this interview of HRD Minister Arjun Singh and Karan Thapar, and I am copying few excerpts of it here. You can read the whole interview at CNN-IBN. Please be very cool while reading the interview as you may feel extremely frustrated at times, and may break your computer monitor, and you will realize it while reading the interview. At this point of time, I wish Rang De Basanti to come out to real life.

Karan Thapar:

Most of the people would accept that steps are necessary to help the OBCs gain greater access to higher education. The real question is - Why do you believe that reservations is the best way of doing this?

Arjun Singh: I wouldn't like to say much more on this because these are decisions that are taken not by individuals alone. And in this case, the entire Parliament of this country - almost with rare anonymity - has decided to take this decision.

Karan Thapar: Do you personally also, as Minister of Human Resource Development , believe that reservations is the right and proper way to help the OBCs?

Arjun Singh: Certainly, that is one of the most important ways to do it.

Karan Thapar: The right way?

Arjun Singh: Also the right way.

Karan Thapar: Except for the fact that the NSSO, which is a government appointed body, has actually in its research in 1999 - which is the most latest research shown - that 23.5 per cent of all university seats are already with the OBCs. And that is just 8.5 per cent less than what the NSSO believes is the OBC share of the population. So, for a difference of 8 per cent, would reservations be the right way of making up the difference?

Arjun Singh: I wouldn't like to go behind all this because, as I said, Parliament has taken a view and it has taken a decision, I am a servant of Parliament and I will only implement.

There are other frustating parts of the interview too, which you can read in the link I gave above. At this point of time, the issue has seriously come up to the frustrating level, which I would call it "Rang De Basanti" level.


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Further developments with Reservation Row

It was interesting to find out two members of knowlegde commission resigned protesting the government policies on reservation. Here is the TOI link to the story and here is the rediff link to it. Meanwhile the panel of four ministers appointed to examine the situation supported the reservation policies. I am not sure why the panel was appointed at first place, when it consisted of government ministers whose reliability is already at stake.

Interstingly, few IIT students threatened to commit suicide over this row. I don't what to say about it. The only way I see the reservation row ending now is the fall of this government. Sadly, we don't have a credible opposition to even think about it...


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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Please don't get surprised.....

If you have found out that there is no precise headcount of OBC (Other Backword Classes) on the basis of which Mandal Commission recommendations i.e. reservations are being implemented. The recent news in TOI and Hindu confirms that. As I mentioned in my previous post, this policy is as short sighted as the tenure of political party in governance.


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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Reservation Row - Getting tired of it...

God please forgive them, they don't know what they are doing...

These words fit exactly on the Indian government right now. Well... it fits them many times. Anyways, reservation issue got red hot again. The government has refused to rethink on reservation. Reservation supporters also started getting on the streets to protest against anti reservationists.

At the end of it, if you think about it, you will question "Is everybody responsible for making policies stupid?" And the answer would be unfortunately "yes". If you ask pro or anti resrvation people whether the reservation (in educational institutions) should be on caste or economic status, everybody except Arjun Singh (HRD Minister, he is so ill that he do not have enough physical power to get up and study the whole policy by himself, forget discussion), and V.P. Singh (Worst PM in Indian History) will agree that it should be based on economic condition.

Why do the government want to emphasize that performance of an individual is a function of his caste not his/her economic status? Why do our own government want to divide us based on caste, and religion? Why our own government doesn't care about what we want rather than imposing what they want? Why don't they conduct a research/study where they can come up with a better solution and policy and provide resrvations and facilities based on economic conditions?

I am from "supposedly" upper caste (to me it doesn't mean anything except my last name). So, if I don't have money to earn education and apply for job and on the other hand, if a person who is OBC, SC, or ST and not good in studies, but from a rich family who can spend all his dad's money will get preference over me?? Isn't this stupid? As far as creamy layer clause in reservation (where by very rich OBC, should not get reservation) it is a clause full of loopholes, so lets not talk about that.

Lets join the protest and say "I am against a caste based reservation, and I want the government to present a case for reservation and/or extra facilities based on economic condition that can help lift the economically weaker sections of the society".


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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Chain Mails -- Why??

I have been really bothered by stupid chain mails and forwards. Sometimes I feel harassed by these messages too. So I tried to look at the probable causes of chain mails. If you think there are some other reasons, let me know and I will append it to the list.

1. The way chain mails are designed, any mail receiver tends to send the mail to lot of other people in their addressbook. Some people are so smart that they click on their complete addressbook, and send these chain mails to everybody. What happens is that in four-five hops, the amount of mail becomes more than a million and can easily get the server of a mail company down.

AOL gets hit by it most. Because most people using AOL are smart, and capable enough to know how to send these mails to most possible users. Other companies are also getting hit by it.

2. When you send these chain mails, you not only expose your email addresses, but the email addresses of thousands of other people. Spam companies recognizes these addresses and harvest them to send more spam.

Now, if you send the messages to multiple users, most servers categorize you as spam sender. So, it may happen that your genuine mail may not reach the right destination if you have been categorized as a spam sender.

So in yours and everybody's interest, don't send email which are not authentic. Don't send emails which say send it to so many people or you will die (or whatever), or delete that portion of the mail. Always Blank CC the addresses, if you want some special mail to send to your "friends and non friends".


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