Wednesday, May 31, 2006

India- High on Senility

And now this moral policing. As if we do not have enough issues to worry about. UP Police who has always been infamous for corruption and its relations with criminals are going to bother teenagers to show some work, because they are incapable of doing something else.

We all saw the videos of Merrut Police misbehaving with young men and women few months back. Who is police or anybody else to tell people where to sit and how to sit, and how to behave? And these crazy Hindu sanskriti Morcha or whatever who are supposedly trying to avoid free meeting of men and women are doing irreversible damage to Indian Culture as well. These people have been tied with decade long thinking( I won't call century, because at times, Indian culture was more open than todays), are trying to tie everybody.

What culture was those Hindu organization people following by beating a single guy, stripping him in street and doing all the stupid things.

More we try to tie people in rules and regulations, more we put them at risk and harm Indian Culture. Kids are getting smarter faster than previous generation, teach them to be responsible, don't put them in shackles.

Other issue is insolent police. We all know how police behaves, and what kind of impression they are going to make on these teenagers. I have seen examples where police did behave in very very bad way to teenager, and the angry teenager tried to kill the policeman. As far as insolency is concerned, I will talk about that in more details in subsequent blogs. But please forget the moral policing, teach teenagers to be responsible. They are far more smart than you think.


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