Sunday, June 04, 2006

India - What's in store for us...

I posted the same views in an Orkut Community (Anti Reservation Action Forum)

I wanted to paint a hypothetical picture of what's in store for India in next few years.

1. Regarding infastructure, India is on a verge of collapse. If you don't believe it; Delhi Government requested industries to close their evening shifts in March 06. Although there are numerous other examples, I will stay put here.

2. As most of you have figured out, Nuclear deal was a face saving deal by Govt., as they had to make any arrangement at any cost to get more energy, because India is on a verge of severe energy crisis. The deal is still not finalized, thanks to slow processing of US Govt.

3. The other fact which Government has been hiding from us, is that the scarcity of water in couple of years may come to a level where we may have to buy water from neighboring countries (You may not believe it, but statistics say so :( ).

4. Amidst the infrastructural collapse and pressure of Govt. on private companies to implement reservation, most MNCs and private companies will start moving to China and may be Pak.

5. This will drastically reduce the growth and will increase the unemployement rate and also the social unrest in the society.

6. Since, it may appear that these issues started right after decalaration of reservation, it will widen the rift in the society, and politicians will definitely project it that way so that they can avoid the blame.

7. Based on this rift, politicians will promote Aryan invasion theory, by which they will say that upper castes are actually Aryans. They came from outside and started oppressing the real natives of India and made them lower cast. (they did promote that theory in 1990. Remember: Tilak, Tarazu aur Talwaar, Inko maaro Joote Chaar)

8. This may lead to events as serious as ethnic cleansing as we saw in Germany in 1940s and presently in Darfur, Sudan. So hypothetical lower castes will try to kill or displace hypothetical upper caste from India.

9. These serious issues will increase the terrorism and unrest in India, and it will be declared a terrorist state.

I shudder when I imagine what will happen after that. But I would like to know, what situation appears unrealistic to you? The present short sightedness and selfish ministers will not miss a chance to make advantages of this situation.

God Bless India

PS: Please don't take me wrong. I love my country and I am very much patriotic. But I really want everybody to realize what's in store for us. I am sorry if this post hurt your feelings.


  1. i appreciate you putting the facts in a new light! i agree with most of them but point#8 is one preposterous thought. it sounds similar to a pro-reservation argument. this argument reeks of cynical and biased attitude than anything else.

    what i want to say is, we should be more positive attitude on things while knowing the grim facts. if this argument is true then i am sorry, we are too late and there is no hope. we can work on infrastructure and stuff but changing people's mentality is one thing hard to work on.

    just a thought!

  2. Well I agree to some of the cases (hypothetical) that you have made but I would also like to emphasize that this is not the first time this is happening. The reservation thing sprung up in early 90's and caused chaos but it settled down. We do need to find a solution to the problem which I agree can cause unwanted discriminatory feelings between citizens of India. However, there is a need to paint another side of the story too with some suggestions/solutions to the problem so that people will be able to see some light (although they may again be hypothetical) and hope and not darkness. Thus, I would urge you to also write up something that will inspire the citizens of India to do something that will help the nation solidify and progress. It may be easy to lament and sob upon the sad condition of the system but in keeping the flame of positiveness going lies the duty of every concerned citizen (you and me). Jai Hind!!

  3. Serjesh Sharma6/05/2006 12:51 PM

    Your point 8 sounds real scary but that can be true.For example we have Ranbir Sena representing upper class in Bihar.So it is not surprising if we see something like ethnic cleanising in upcoming year.
    About energy crisis it is not so alarming.Water crisis are acute in some places but water crisis is in whole world and it is predicted that third world war may be for water and energy.