Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So, this is the respect of first citizen of India

Congress is not planning to reconsider the "Office of Profit" bill returned back by President.

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Congress has always relied upon using its shameless politics to make most of the votes. THey considered people as votes. Earlier Congress always made President who would not question the Govt. at any point of time. Now since they have got one who can question them, they are getting into playing dirty politics as they have done in the past.

The implementation of Emergency by Indira Gandhi, reversal of SC decision on Shah Bano case by Rajiv Gandhi, opening the Ayodhya Mandir, the reservation row, everything was done to satisfy some group of people or earn votes. These are just few examples, else the whole post-independence era is filled with such activities by Congress.

Congress never relied on long term policies and decision which could benefit India as a whole. Everything was done to satisfy few power hungry people or a group to gain votes.

With regard to current "Office of Profit" bill, Congress just wants to clear few posts especially for the current ruler of Congress Ms. Sonia Gandhi, and it has no intention of looking into its repercussions. When the bill was returned by President, most of us thought (with a sense of doubt) that at least now the Govt. will do something about it.

I believe that if Congress returns this bill to President as it is, then that would be the biggest disrespect of the First Citizen of India. If it actually takes place, I would recommend Dr. Kalam to resign from his President post and start a new political party afresh. Enough is Enough. He should recruit members of his new party in the same way as the officers in Indian Military are recruited. This new party will lead the country with the most scientific and appropriate approach.

I think now that Govt. should really cross its limit of shamelessness and force a revolution to happen, else it will lead us to the future I predicted in my earlier blog.

With the expectations of brighter future of India

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