Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Supreme Court's Order to be followed or not

It's a big predicament for the protesting students. As most of us know that Supreme Court has asked Medical Practitioners to call off their strike as the reservation matter is now under consideration by supreme court. Now the student community is confused. Supreme Court has also directed Government to take no action against protesting students and ordered no termination of striking Doctors.

The students do respect Supreme Court and would like to call off their strike, but they do not believe Government and its treacherous ways, by which it can make a law and reverse Supreme Court's decision (we have proofs in history). The movement has been growing too fast and if the movement is called off now, it would be difficult for the students to revive such a big movement again if Government does what is expected (reverse SC decision) at a later date.

Its a catch 22 situation for students, as if they do not call off strike it would be considered contempt of court, which is again a serious issue in itself. I feel that medical students and doctors should call off their strike for the time being, but keep the movement alive. They can keep the movement alive symbolically. They should keep the discussion open in media, they should wear black bands while at work or in college. They can make anti reservation stickers and put them in thier cars. There can certainly be other ways to keep the movement active symbolically.

They can also give a deadline to the Government on some issues and tell that the movement will return with greater vigor if those issues are not resolved by the specific deadline. I know Government is stubborn, but we cannot be stubborn like them, especially after Supreme Court's intervention.

I think medicos and students should call off their strikes after proper analysis and proper gameplan.

Kudos to all the people responsible for this movement. You have shown the world how you can pressurize even a strong Government like India's with legitimate demands. You have also shown the courage and sensibility of Indian Youth. Putting up a non violent protest in these modern times is commendable.


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