Friday, May 26, 2006

Students Against Reservation planning to move to Apex Court

I think its really a good move. Personally, I think its unethical, unmindful, unsocial, and illegal for a government to make a policy based on 80 year old census data. Furthermore, its again wrong for government to continue with a fifty year old policy without proper analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the reservation policy. It is again very wrong for a government to implement reservation based on caste when they don't even collect caste based census data, as it may create rift in Indian Society.

If caste based census data can be volatile, won't cast based reservation be? Isn't it illogical? By implementing reservation policy, government is trying to fulfill its responsibility of uplifting the poor, which actually it is not. I strongly support Indian Students and would suggest all of them to continue their protest. I think they have been doing most civilized protest in the histiry of mankind, and fighting for a very noble cause. Kudos to these young minds. I wish them all success.

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