Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Reservation Row - Getting tired of it...

God please forgive them, they don't know what they are doing...

These words fit exactly on the Indian government right now. Well... it fits them many times. Anyways, reservation issue got red hot again. The government has refused to rethink on reservation. Reservation supporters also started getting on the streets to protest against anti reservationists.

At the end of it, if you think about it, you will question "Is everybody responsible for making policies stupid?" And the answer would be unfortunately "yes". If you ask pro or anti resrvation people whether the reservation (in educational institutions) should be on caste or economic status, everybody except Arjun Singh (HRD Minister, he is so ill that he do not have enough physical power to get up and study the whole policy by himself, forget discussion), and V.P. Singh (Worst PM in Indian History) will agree that it should be based on economic condition.

Why do the government want to emphasize that performance of an individual is a function of his caste not his/her economic status? Why do our own government want to divide us based on caste, and religion? Why our own government doesn't care about what we want rather than imposing what they want? Why don't they conduct a research/study where they can come up with a better solution and policy and provide resrvations and facilities based on economic conditions?

I am from "supposedly" upper caste (to me it doesn't mean anything except my last name). So, if I don't have money to earn education and apply for job and on the other hand, if a person who is OBC, SC, or ST and not good in studies, but from a rich family who can spend all his dad's money will get preference over me?? Isn't this stupid? As far as creamy layer clause in reservation (where by very rich OBC, should not get reservation) it is a clause full of loopholes, so lets not talk about that.

Lets join the protest and say "I am against a caste based reservation, and I want the government to present a case for reservation and/or extra facilities based on economic condition that can help lift the economically weaker sections of the society".


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  1. the reservation was actually initiated by Nehru and it was stipulated for 20 yrs, from 1949-1969. It was supposed to be abolished after that..But the govts that came after it just continued with the policies and tweaked it just to keep their vote bank safe...I guess the current reservation period is valid till 2019.

  2. Yeah, that's true. The flaw I see in the principle of reservation is that the government want the common people to feel that performance is a function of caste or religion. That way it gets easier to divide people based on caste and religion and woo them for different reasons and use them as vote banks.