Monday, May 29, 2006

Supreme Court questioned the government on reservation issue

It's a great relief to see Supreme Court of India questioning the government on the validity of the reservation policy, as students moved to supreme court on this issue earlier.

Still, I don't think its the time right for the Students to stop their protests, as this chance will not repeat in the history. Protesting students have convinced pretty much everybody on their stand, and they need to pass the biggest hurdle of stuboorn government and vote politics to actually resolve the issue. Sure, the supreme court's questioning will help, but we cannot rely on that only as we have seen Government passing new laws to curtail supreme courts power and verdict.

BJP is also changing its stance on reservation. Although, this is again a vote bank gimmick, it will definitely put a pressure on government. Lets hope sanity will prevail and Indians will see some justice soon.


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