Sunday, May 28, 2006

What's so wrong in what Aamir is saying??

BJP started protesting against Aamir, and created an issue in Gujarat. Please see the video and decide what wrong did he say?? Why doesn't Aamir have democratic rights? Please note the important point which Aamir conveys regarding the amount of insolency the protestors exhibited against Aamir. If you see the videos and pictures of protest against Aamir Khan and the way some leaders were speaking, you will realize, how intolerant and insolent "we" have become.

I support Aamir in his statement. Here is a link of another interview of Aamir on the same issue.

Its shameful that people including film industry in not coming in support of Aamir. Its a matter of democratic rights, and its imperative for right people to support him at this crucial time.


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