Friday, May 26, 2006

Lets celebrate mindlessness...

I strongly believe that's what is going through in India currently, whether you agree or not. Reservation is a big example for that. Now, a new controversy started with Aamir Khan, because he gave a statement in favor of displaced people regarding Narmada Dam. I don't care he gave wrong or right statement, all I care about is the way BJP registered its protest against Aamir. BJP started creating protest against him, burnt the posters of his latest movie. Is this a way to behave in a modern society?

BJP, which supposed to be a national party, and they protest in such a way. First of all its entirely foolish to protest against Aamir or his movie. Period. He is independent enough and living in a free country and can give statements wherever he want on whatever he wants. If you have to protest, look at the Doctors in Delhi, see how civilized people behave. This protesting by burning effigies, breaking government properties should be stopped and people doing that should be charged with criminal offense. We have seen Shiv Sena doing that lot of time in Mumbai, and if you see those videos in news channel, you will immediately realise that these parties are relying on ruffians.

I think, we in India immediately need some social sense classes and need to learn how to behave, and how to treat other people. I will talk more about that in next post.


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