Sunday, August 20, 2006

So the cabinet is going to clear the reservation bill

The cabinet has decided to clear the reservation bill as you can read in the news below.

I seriously do not know what this Govt. is upto. I am not sure what happened to the response Indian Govt. was supposed to present to Supreme Court about the criteria for deciding OBCs. Please let me know in the comments if you have idea about that.

Raising the same questions, it is the greatest mockery of India and its citizens. The country whose Government did not conduct caste based census for last 80 years is proposing reservation on caste basis, on a data which is 85 years old. This is a pathetic situation. Any support to this data will be useless.

The way we the Indians got up against amendments in RTI act, the same way we should oppose any bill which divides us by caste. None of the political parties are going to oppose this reservation bill due to vote bank politics so this is upto us to oppose it.

I hope some day sanity will prevail.

PS: Was watching "Nayak" yesterday again. Wish it could come true

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