Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Where is human heading to...

I saw a very good presentation by Dr. Puri, HOD, Engineering Science and Mechanics, Virginia Tech, titled "Future of Energy: A Perspective." He shed light on politics involving energy, new and possible developments in this field and so on.

He mentioned somethings about green house gases, and possible environmental aspects of all the energy sources. One important thing he mentioned was the amount of deduction we need to bring in greenhouse gases by 2100 is a daunting task, and from my understanding, it is impossible.

We are increasingly growing our dependence on energy sources and obviously increasing greenhouses gases as well. What I am thinking is that we have already started seeing adverse environmental effects. Environment has changed significantly in last century and last few decades have been worse.

The situation right now is that if we cut down the harm to environment right at this moment, we will have to face the brunt of environment for next many decades, and I don't see any sign of reduction in environmental harms in near future. Whatever is being done or shown to being done is not at all worth (we know its not worth). The politics and policies are still being guided by money making organizations, not environmental ones. Individually we have enough concerns not to think about environment.

Besides what's happening at individual and industrial level to ruin the environment, a lot of harm is being done by ongoing violence, wars and lot is in store with future wars. Today we have enough ammunitions to completely finish human race more than dozen times from earth completely. Some of these ammunitions which are being used 24/7 at different parts of world can cause significant environmental damage as well.

Based on current environment conditions, decreasing drinking water supply, reducing size of glaciers all over the world, future projections of environment degradation, growing religious intolerance which will lead to future conflicts, prospects of wars and their consequences, indifference of big chunk of world population towards environment, I foresee some radical change in earth's environment in next few years.

Most of the people from my generation will live to see some big environmental catastrophies. I don't think or say that world will end or human race will vanish, but the face of earth in few years from now will not be the same. Future generations will certainly be affected by it and will blame us.

Some of you might think that I am painting a dreadful picture and being pessimistic. If you really think so, then just list down five things you have done to help your environment and five things you have done to harm your environment. You will be surprised!

After you read this and may be get inspired to do something, come back after two weeks and make the list again, you will be surprised again.

My two cents, join some environmental organization near your house, learn how you can make a difference, do whatever you can, car pooling, recycling, sensible driving, sensible use of electricity, planting trees whatever. Time is very cruel, never comes back.


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