Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Kissa Kiss ka

This is one hell of video made by Mika over the "Kiss" Controversy between him and Rakhi. This guy is amazingly shameless, I am his fan now.



  1. MIKA is really "BINDAAS". Just look, how nicely he is using his own controversy for further popularity.

  2. Get over Mikka, how abt a blog on Shilpa's Racial Controversy on Big Brother .... that is most certainly warranted on Raag's Corner .....You may also want to put this link where more ppl can file official complaint ( Just saved you some time. Looking fwd to it.

  3. Hey V,
    I personally didn't give much weightage to programs like Big Brother or Big Boss, and hence I do not bother much about what Shilpa is doing or going through. Also commenting without watching the program might not be a good idea.

  4. i disapprove of such videos and derogatory lyrics. this clearly shows the mentality of people in our country. no matter how serious the crime is people just laugh it away. it's only the girl who is called as flirt and bad-character.

    this video though creative and mildly funny, is derogatory and would encourage eve-teasing.

    i strongly dispprove it.