Monday, March 05, 2007

Could you please switch off your computer monitor when not in use?

I asked my colleague few days back. In response, he immediately changed the settings on his computer such that, his monitor switches off after five minutes of inactivity. Convincing a colleagues to do a little to save energy and hence environment was quite easy. It took my two minutes only.

People in general want to save energy and environment whenever possible but they are generally careless. We have to be really careful and make sure that we do our best to save energy (which helps environment) whenever possible. If you want to change the settings of your Windows computer to save energy, follow these steps.

Right click on your desktop --> Click Properties --> Click on Screen Saver --> Click on Power -->
On this tab you can do several things to save power. You can time switching off monitor, switching off hard disks, system standby, and system hibernation at set times. Choose what is best for you, and feel happy for saving energy and environment. Its that simple.



  1. This comming from you who is online on Yahoo Messenger 24*7*365

  2. With regard to my research, I do high computing work, so my computer has to stay switched on most of the time. Moreover, I am talking about switching off the monitor and I definitely do that.

  3. yeah raag... u r rite... switching off especially overnight is very important and during all times that the computer is not being used.
    I have to start doing this more deliberately.