Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lets Try and Act like Human, For a Change

I have noticed on many occasions that we always try to subscribe to a set of theories or theorists while we discuss or analyze an issue. More often than not we also assign the person to be a subscriber of a theory or theorist while we discuss something.

We become liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, christian or hindu or Muslim or representative of some other religion, we become ardent supporter of Global Warming concept or go totally against it, we talk about extreme gun control or providing everyone with guns, and so forth. In essence, we tie ourselves to many chains of prejudices or theories before getting into the ring or discussing or resolving any issue.

The point of discussion becomes "how to convince other with my thoughts," and then nobody listens to anybody. We always think our theory is important than anything else in this world. The people who lobby strongly in support or against of any issue are politicians and media and then they always make left or right of an issue to be more important than issue itself.

Then we either follow Bush or Al Gore, Glenn Beck or Michael Moore, CNN or FOX, BJP or Congress. I also think that's how the choices are presented to us as well.

Surprisingly small interests start playing major role in big problems. It can be easily observed that we rarely see any consensus or resolution in solving big problems of world, country or region(s). Be it poverty, hunger, AIDS, deteriorating environmental conditions, increasing world population etc.

The next tome you try and discuss anything or resolve anything, try and act like human, untie the shackles you are bound with, free up your prejudices, just think what your contribution is or what your contribution should be towards a better world. Just be humans, for a change.



  1. I observe a consensus amongst themselves not to understand and resolve the major issues mentioned by you.

  2. very thoughtful.......

  3. Hi Raag,

    Indeed a very thoughtful post. I shall definitely try and keep it in mind next time I enter a debate.

    Come to think of it, lot of problems in the world would be solved if the parties involved kept an open mind! (reminds me of Arjun Sungh and the quota issue - it became more of an ego issue rather than a social one in the later stages. Just imagine - had all parties had an open mind - probably a very amicable solution might have come up).