Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Those five minutes of wait at the parking lot today...

I was waiting at the parking lot in front of my department today. There was a lady sitting in a Jeep Cherokee (which is already a gas guzzler) with engine on and was talking to somebody on phone. I was there for five minutes and I am sure that lady was there before I came and she must have been there for sometime after I left.

All those five minutes, I was about to go and ask her to switch her engine off, but I didn't do as she was talking on phone. I kept thinking, what would make people realize that we waste too much; "An inconvenient Truth?" information pamphlets? exorbitant price of energy (gas, electricity)? rationing? a morality class...

I was at a party at my friends place few days back. The party was a lot of fun no doubt, but one thing really disturbed me was that everybody was throwing the bottles and cans of beer in trash. I believe we could have had as much fun if there were boxes for recycling those cans and bottles. I realized that talking about something like this at that party would not have been welcomed, but should I have said something there? What do you think? Should I have said something to the women in incidence above? Would you have said something if you were there?

From what I believe; in this arrogance of money, power and youth, we must not forget our responsibility to our Mother Earth.

On a positive note, I started using Kroger Canvas Shopping Bags for shopping and I think I saved about 100 plastic bags in last couple of months. Also, in the Graduate Student meeting today in my Department I suggested students to bring their own cups for drinks to reduce wastage, and the suggestion was well received. I hope it will help :).


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  1. !!OMG!! .... you think you can change the world ....

  2. Sorry for ignorant question, but what is "box for recycling"? Is it some device for instant recycling?

  3. Thanks for your comments. Pratik - I am just referring to keeping a carton or a cardboard box to segregate the recyclable waste. Later on it can be thrown into the designated recyclable material collection area.

    Its not an ignorant question. In US, box is mostly referred to the carton, and its not the same way everywhere!

  4. Little Dreamz10/10/2007 9:28 AM

    I would have certainly asked that woman. Because of such dumb people I dont want to suffer in polluted environment.

    I don't think I had the guts to be odd one out in the party group if I am not close to the host.

  5. सही हैं मैं भी अपने घर से बैग ले जाने की कोशिश करता हूं ताकि पालीथीन का इस्तेमाल कम किया जा सके।

  6. Definitely this world could be changed if each one of us starts thinking positively and contributing towards it...however insignificant our efforts may seem but they can bring the change.

  7. Hey, that's great what u thought about the box thing. We here in Sweden have got recycling machines in every store at the entrance and u can bring all of ur beer cans and get 0.50 SEK each. Sounds interesting! And good thing is that u have already paid that small amount while bying ur beer. :) In addition, we have got 6 types of waste bins in every home - for organic waste, polybags, metal, hard plastic, hard paper and news paper each. And we r supposed to dispose it off the same way in the bigger waste bin kept outside the house. And next time, do speak out if u feel there is something wrong. There r so many people watching the show. Sorry boss, but nothing is going to change by just sharing ur views (but, never take chances if it's a life thretening situation) :)