Sunday, August 10, 2008

"You look familiar, I think I have seen you in Cisco"

Me: "No, I do not work in Cisco. I work at Company 'ABC'."

Mr. India: "O sorry! By the way, I am Mr. India. Where are you from?"

Me: "Oh, I am from Jhumari Talaiyya!"

Mr. India: "Great, I have a friend from that place too. So what work do you do?"

Me: "I just lay eggs."

Mr. India: "Fantastic, lets meet up some time. May I have your number please?"

Me: "Uh, it is XXX-XXX-XXXX."

Mr. India, calls and checks, if I get the ring.

Mr. India: "Ok, see you later."

Exactly two days later.

Ring Ring.

Mr. India: "Hey hi, Mr. Jhumari Talaiyya, this is Mr. India here."

Me: Hi.

Mr. India: "How are you doing?"

Me: "I am fine, how about you."

Mr. India: "Great, Thanks for asking. Hey listen, I have an e-commerce business. It's a partnership based business. You look very enterprising and I think it would be a good utilization of your spare time."

Me: "Is it related to Quixtar, Amway?"

Mr. India: "Uh, why did you ask?"

Me: "Get the heck out of here. Do not call me again, and I am not interested."

This is a very familiar conversation, many Indians could relate to. Walmart, Malls, Target, Ross, anywhere you go, you get constantly cornered by fellow Indians trying to talk you into their "e-commerce" business. Bay area and Silicon Valley is very badly infected by these menace. It is scary to talk to any other Indian whom you do not know. Either they will be interested to sign you up to this business, or they will think that you are looking for to sign them up.

It has made difficult to make new Indian friends in the Bay area as you are always doubtful of other person's intention. I am sure, many of my friends have their share of horror stories with these people.

Although, I have not been very succesful to avoid all of these attacks, I can give you some tips to avoid them. Do not stray around an Indian couple who are formally dressed in a location, where other people are casually dressed. Be especially away from Indian couple who appear to do shopping at these places, but have empty shopping carts. If somebody wants to talk to you out of blue, just do not give your phone number. And if you do, save them as "Do not pick" in your phone book.

I hope keeping these tips in mind will save you some harrassment from the e-commerce business people.



  1. Hahahahaha...we've seen this many times here. My husband's roommate was into that Quixtar stuff. Beware!! They want to trap you into their pyramid scheme...hahaha.

  2. Oh, man! Not one more of those. Add one more to your list of counter-offensives: wearing iPod headphones and pretending you don't hear them talking to you. :) Worked for me!

    Once when I was nagged by two of these in the same store, I went and complained to the manager about these folks violating their "No solicitation" policy. I think it was Fry's on E. Arques.

  3. I can so totally relate! i used to see this young desi couple at caltrain station every early morning.. and the girl would smile at me. one day on my way back from work, she was there sitting next to me, and started conversation.. little later she borrowed my phone as she said she wanted to call her husband for picking her up! Guess what! a day or 2 later, i got a call on my cell from her hubby - and somehow hung up in a few seconds.. next day the girl called me and started talking about this ecomerce crap! soooo persistent, in the end i had to be a little rude to her in ending the conversation as she wouldn't give up. can't believe!!!