Wednesday, August 27, 2008

McDonalds Advertising in Hindi in Mountain View, CA.

I just saw this ad on a Valley Transit Authority (VTA) bus on route 22. It's interesting that they are advertising in

McDonalds Advertisement in Hindi in Mountain View



  1. yeah i saw it too, today and couldn't believe my eyes at first.

  2. Oh great, Sonal so you live in Bay area too.

    I bought a phone with a good camera only to be able to take these kind of interesting pictures on daily basis.

  3. अनुराग , विज्ञापन पोस्ट में दिख नहीं रहा ! क्या उस इलाके में बस रहे भारतीय गदगद थे मैक्डॉनाल्ड्स से ?

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  5. I live in Chicago I got one for the Smoothies and Frappes Hamari Treat Aaye aur enjoy kare

  6. i saw one on samtrain bus to colma route 120 that advertised its smoodies for $2.29. Found it interesting....
    Although I was fascinated by the logo in hindi, I am sorry MC Donalds, I did not run to your chain store to buy one!