Monday, April 17, 2006

Calling from PC to Phone - Reducing Rates

Yahoo Messenger finally reduced rates for its service to call to phone from pc (they were ridiculously high). The rates are lower than skype (reduced its rates just few days back), which is also a messenger plus phone service software. The rates to India are 12 and 10 c/minute in yahoo messenger which are equal or little lower than the popular service Reliance, I guess.

I used to call Africa using skype, but with yahoo reducing rates, I will have to switch for a while :). However, I think you need to check the rates individually before deciding to use the service.

I really wish yahoo could release its service for linux. The linux counterpart of yahoo messenger looks like a "beggar" in front of windows counterpart of yahoo. Although linux also has some good software for peer to peer chat, and phone call like Ekiga and Skype, I need yahoo too, because most of my friends use yahoo and msn. It is a shame that most companies do not make cross platform softwares.

Anyways, enjoy the reducing price of communication and enjoy calling.


Category: General/Random Technology


  1. Hey Raag,
    Thats good information. Thanks!

  2. Can I connect to Skype peer from Ekiga IM?

  3. Hi Arturs!

    I did try to do that actually. However, I was not succesful, but I may have not tried properly, so can't say anything about that.
    But skype can be used in linux anyways, so I was not bothered about that too much :)