Friday, April 14, 2006

So, Brazil will be Energy Independent by the end of this year!

Well, does that surprise you? If not think about it a little more.

Brazil will be using ethanol produced from sugar for about half of its energy needs. Sugar is obtained from sugarcane, which can be produced in plenty of amounts in Brazil. In a world of fossil fuels where big wars (Iraq is the latest example) are going over just oil, this is a tremendous achievement. From where I look at it, its an issue of utter shame for all the developed nations, including US, and EU. Or, may be big nations do not care about it.

Anyways, in today's date, every country's major expense is in buying oil and gas, and its exploration. If a nation achieves this independence, just realize how much a nation can become independent with regard to its economy. This holds especially true for India. India is already having hard time in pursuading big nations to provide nuclear fuel to India for its energy needs, and with a nuclear deal with US, I don't see much better future either.

Becoming energy independent, and most of it depends on reducing dependence on fossil fuesl, will pay rich dividends for India and the world in future. Dr. Kalam also mentioned the importance of energy independence in his address to nation on Republic Day. I believe India should do some big investments in this sector, and probably we can be energy independent in less than a decade.


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