Tuesday, April 18, 2006

So, I probably won $25000, or a car worth $30000

I got a call yesterday, where the caller said that I filled a form in NRV Mall (Christiansburg) and it has been selected for a award. There are three awards of which I won one for sure. The first prize is $25000 or a car worth $30000, the second prize is a trip in a multimillion dollar hotel, and third prize is $500 cash.

The caller (Nicole Biery) invited me to "Wilderness Presidential Park" at Spotsylvania, VA to claim that prize. The address to that location is 9220-A Plank Road, Spotsylvania, VA. They gave me a award number and insisted that I go there with my wife.

Well, I have never been so lucky, so I tried to get more information about that park in Google, and I found the following as the first link.


The interesting thing is that there is no such thing as "Wilderness Presidential Park", but somewhat related to it. Though the address appears to be correct (??).

I am scared to go there, and probably won't be going, but did anybody have any such experience regarding that? I would love to know more about that. Should I complain to police about it?

Anurag :(
(I wish I could win $25000)

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  1. do you think you shud either go to police or the place? Like what Robin N did? May be you can go there with police or some other guys to expose the scam if you decide on going and they may give you the promised money....what do you think?

  2. Well, they called me this Friday, and I do not have time, else I would have tried definitely.

  3. Can you try to re-schedule the "award ceremony"?

  4. I was trying to have it next week, but they didn't let me do that!

  5. I would say schedule it but dont go. Observe the reaction after that. What say?

  6. congratulations yaar...lekin ek baat batao! yeh puruskaar lene ke liye kahin bulaya kyon hai. ghar pe bhi toh bhej saktey hain. dharam-sankat mein daal diya yaar...bahoot jayada haraz naa ho toh try bhi kiya jaa sakta hai.

    hum dono suraton mein aapke saath hain....hero bano yaa zero! :-)

    aapke abba

  7. Did you ever end up going? I just recieved the same call but I live in Maryland. Claiming the exact same thing that I won one of those three packages. I am thinking of going up Saturday just to see. They also claim that I for returning the call I also recieve two vacation packages. Let me know how things turned out for you.