Thursday, July 20, 2006

Indian Government Website Grievances

"I posted the following message on Hope to get a good reply and I will post the same."

Dear Sir/Madam,

Recently I have started visiting websites of Indian Government to look for some information. Unfortunately I have realized that the websites of Indian Government mostly designed by NIC are examples of bad web designing. Here are the reasons.

1. Speed --> I am right now on a connection of 1Gbit/s, and all the websites on my computer load in a snap, unlike Indian Govt. Website.

2. Support for other browsers --> There is minimal support for other browsers in all the Indian Government websites, and one cannot read Hindi fonts in any other browser except Internet Explorer.

3. Site Designed for--> Generally sites are designed to appear best in 800 X 600 resolution which was a good practice five years back, but not now, and we need to proceed to 1024 X 768 resolution at least, ASAP.

4. Usability --> It gets difficult to navigate or finding proper links in these websites due to poor "usability" (which is an Engineering Course in itself). For eg. the page on which I am writing this comment, does not have links divided into proper categories, has many links dead, the comment box in which I am writing is just 20 px by 20 px.

5. Flashing links appear good in porn websites, but not in government websites. Not all people are so good with their eyes who are visiting these websites.

6. I would suggest you to hire some good technical writers and usability specialists before designing websites.

I have posted same comments in

Please contact me if you need further clarification or some assistance.

Thank You
Anurag Mishra

PS: After I sent the query, the page reloaded, with a blank form and I don't know if my query was accepted or rejected, so I went on a related link and submitted it again, and I hope it went through.

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  1. this is a good analysis of Indian websites. Do you have more insights currently. you could write a post if you got any reply and also could do a similar analysis to see if things have changed in the last 2 yrs.