Thursday, July 06, 2006

A must read article

I would ardently request you to please read this article in its entirety.
Mr. Prime Minister the heart is broken

Most of us; net surfing, blog writing, kool, hip and urban people never realize or care about
the conditions of poor farmers in India. Most of the discussion regarding that are rejected as not being hip and not of our direct concern.

The above article is written by Jawandhia, who has an MSc degree from Nagpur. He is not just a leader of the farmers organisation Shetkari Sangathana, but he has spent his life, in his own small but determined way, trying to bring sanity in the governments agriculture policy.

This article will give you a pretty deep info about farmers conditions and Govt. policy regarding that. I would request you to read the article and understand the pain of the farmer who is feeding us.


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