Sunday, July 23, 2006

The most shameless man - Manmohan Singh

This is the worst government I have ever seen. We have a Prime Minister about whom nobody cares about. To get some work done, he always has to blackmail his cabinet by "his resignation", fellow ministers do or say whatever they want whenever they want without consultation with cabinet and PM, PM asks farmers of India to look for some other source of income besides farming, and now the government headed by him is tabling the bill of "Office of President" without any change.

Relevant News

President Kalam returned this bill for careful consideration and the decision of government to table the bill without any change shows that,
1. they don't care for the Office of President
2. they can do whatever they want to preserve their chair
3. since they do not care and respect the office of President, that means they do not care about India and its people as well.

Congress is not moving beyond its "Emergency" time mentality, and I think this is the time to uproot this Govt.


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